Life and Leisure - Postcards from (and to) Great Yarmouth

Saturday 25 June - Saturday 18 July, 2016
Open Thursday to Sunday, 12 pm - 6 pm
Unit 1, The Jetty, Marine Parade, Great Yarmouth

Life and Leisure - Postcards from (and to) Great Yarmouth explored the postcard as a device for capturing and communicating experiences and sensations of the place, from within a from afar*.

Artists included in the collection:

Abbie Cairns ! Adam Bridgland ! Alex Pearl ! Amy Turnbull ! Androulla Michael ! Anna Townley ! Annabel Dover ! Anna-Lise Horsely ! Barbara Symmons ! Barry Skinner ! Beatie Fox ! Brian Islam ! Charlie Duck ! Chris Francis ! Clare Sams ! Claudia Bose ! Corin Bradby ! David Jacques ! Elizabeth Ballard ! Elizabeth Wright ! Fred Duffield ! Genevieve Rudd ! Gideon Pain ! Giorgio Sadotti ! Hazel Albarn ! Heidi Jukes ! Helen C Redman ! Henry Jackson Newcomb ! Hope Bradby ! Hugh Pilkington ! Jack Crampton ! James Epps ! James Snelling ! Jessica Mallock ! Jonny Aldous ! Juliet Hayward ! Kaavous Clayton ! Karen Densham ! Katie Ferdinand ! Keith Albarn ! Keith Mayes ! Malachi Allen ! Mark Scott-Wood ! Mark Wilsher ! Martha Bradby ! Matthew L H Forster ! Megan Rose Fowler ! Mike Goddard ! Mike Marlowe ! Miles Joseph ! Natalie Odile Lang ! Noel Myles ! Olive O’Donoghue ! Paul Paul Helliwell ! Peggy and Ronald Jugg ! R J Hinrichsen ! Reece Reilly ! Samantha Heriz ! Sarah Caputo ! Simon Newby ! Sophie Marritt ! Stephanie Douet ! Susan Gunn ! Terry Bond ! Tina O'Hare ! Tom Armstrong ! Tracy Satchwill ! Tricia Hall ! Tristan Howe ! Tristan Reed ! Verity Newman ! .....

*Notes on Postcards:

  • The postcard is a tradition, a souvenir, a message, a snapshot, a boast.
  • Postcard collecting (deltiology) is the third most popular collecting pastime after stamp collecting (which sometimes crosses over with postcard collecting) and currency collecting (a favourite pastime of bankers).
  • A postcard is an impression of a place – a take on it after having been there for only a few hours or days.
  • We find an image that communicates something about the place we are visiting, and then add our impressions of that place, particularly the weather, as the weather is likely to be different from the place we are posting to.
  • We use postcards to send a message about a place we are visiting, traditionally wishing that the receiver was where we were, as a suggestion that wherever we sent it from is better than the place we are sending it to, or that the ones we have left behind are missed.
  • A postcard presents us with an image and we contribute the text. This combination of text and image could be read as a precursor to conceptualism if one felt so inclined, or could be connected to movements in art that explore this relationship.
  • The double sided nature of the postcard can keep secrets. We can reveal one side whilst concealing the other.
  • The openness of a postcard exposes. The postman knows where we have been and what we have been up to.

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This project was initiated as part of Eastern Prospects, a period of action research into potential approaches to hosting and working with artists in Great Yarmouth. The intention was to form a network between audience and participants, whilst raising funds to support originalprojects; in working with artists in Great Yarmouth. Submissions were were crowdsourced from across the community, collecting inclusive responses to themes suggested by the title ‘Life and Leisure – Postcards from (and to) Great Yarmouth’.

The exhibition launched on the same day as 1 WOW OF A TIME !– The Great Yarmouth Day Trip). All postcards were for sale for £25 (split 50/50 with the artist unless they donated their work in full). This project remains live, and items may still be donated and purchased from the collection. Contact us for information.


Life and Leisure – Postcards from (and to) Great Yarmouth and Eastern Prospects was supported by Arts Council EnglandNorfolk County CouncilGreat Yarmouth Borough Council and Great Yarmouth Preservation Trust.