Edging further to being closer away…


In 2016 originalprojects; undertook Eastern Prospects, a 6-month programme of action research that explored the feasibility of developing on-going visual arts activity in Great Yarmouth.

The work was motivated by a long-term interest and fascination with the locus of Great Yarmouth. It is a place bounded by physical limitations (the North Sea to one side and the mouth of the River Yare to the other) and also a place of extreme leisure and industry (seasonal holidaymakers can double the town’s size and provision for off-shore industries means large scale production takes place).

originalprojects; commissioned Counterculture LLP to assist the development of a business plan and organisational design that will enable us to host invited artists and deliver projects that engage with the existing cultural heritage, local communities and industries, whilst responding to new artistic practices, modes of exchange and collaboration.

Research activity included:

Findings from the first phase of Eastern Prospects (April – September 2016) have created a live ‘document’ which can be activated as me progress our plans. We are keen to work with as many appropriate partners as possible in order to broaden our understanding of the cultural ecology of great Yarmouth and how we can connect. If you are interested in finding our more about our research activity or would like to contribute please contact us.