Upon telling our story to the East Contemporary Visual Arts Network (ECVAN) group back in March, Chelsea Pettitt, Head of Partnerships, Wysing Arts Centre and ECVAN coordinator was compelled to ask us some questions about our experience of formally establishing our arts organisation in Great Yarmouth.

Thanks to CVAN for the opportunity to share this beyond our regional network. It’s been a really useful exercise for us to articulate  our processes and intentions for ourselves and publicly.

Thanks to Mark Wilsher for drawing our attention to this article: The Only Way Out Is Back In: Notes on the Center-Margin Dyad by Eszter Szakács curator-editor of the Curatorial Dictionary project at the contemporary art organization tranzit.hu in Budapest, Hungary (itself part of the East-Central European network tranzit.org)

Some useful thoughts on how the context of a place that is at a remove from a centre (that casts a long shadow) is crucial when considering what is made there and what takes place there. It’s easy to define activity in relation to the centre (as if that is the central point of reference or hottest spot), but it’s important to look closer to home in order to fully understand why things happen in the way they do. Look under the rocks to discover what is really going on.

Welcome to originalprojects; home page. Forthcmong event Great Yarmouth Contemporary; Art, Craft, & Design Fair.

Selling some of the best art, craft & design from across Great Yarmouth, Norfolk and beyond.

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Artists, designers and makers including Blackwater Polytechnic, Egge Alecsdottir, Great Yarmouth Oilskins, Jane Sedgwick, Juneau Projects, Make Yarmouth, Par Avion, Put A Pebble On It, SONOFIANELLEN, Utter Books and many more.

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So, the website is up and running. Serving its immediate purpose of signalling to the work we’ve got planned albeit with regular tweaks around the edges and hours spent in a troubleshooting void (resourceful artists vs learn on the job = master of some/ strings/ bow…).

We’ll be posting findings and progress from our programme of action research undertaken for Eastern Prospects, documenting and reporting on events and activities (public and behind the scenes), creating a bibliography of reference material and resources, introducing the artist we are working with and more…