Approaches, Glen Jamieson

Approaches installation view

image © Glen Jamieson, 2016

Approaches is a project-in-process that seeks new approaches to thinking about, observing, and experiencing Great Yarmouth. The first iteration was a sound and image presentation in the octagonal vestry of St John's church – a church intended for seafarers and their families.

Approaches was first shown as part of 1 WOW OF A TIME ! – The Great Yarmouth Day TripJune 25 2016.


Glen Jamieson (b. Great Yarmouth, 1987) is an artist based in Norwich. His latest publication is Tombland Drift (2014) and recent exhibitions and presentations include those at Rhubaba gallery, Edinburgh (2016), The Minories Colchester (2015), OUTPOST gallery, Norwich (2014) and Wysing Arts Centre, Cambridgeshire (2012).

originalprojects; would like to thank the Great Yarmouth Preservation Trust for the generous use of this space.