1 WOW OF A TIME 😮 ! – The Great Yarmouth Day Trip
An artist-led promenade and exploration

Saturday 25 June
10am – late
various locations in Great Yarmouth, with return coach option from Norwich
(booking essential, information below)

Aaron Juneau | Adam Pugh | Alan Kane | Alex de Almeida & Francis Woolf | Androulla Michael | Glen Jamieson | James Metsoja | Jonathan P Watts | Kathryn Ferry | Lawrence Bradby | Lynda Morris | Tristan Reed | Plus various hosts from Great Yarmouth and Artists exhibiting in Life and Leisure – Postcards from (and to) Great Yarmouth

1 WOW OF A TIME 😮 !, explored Great Yarmouth through the eyes, ears and noses of historians and artists, taking in the sights, sounds and smells that combine to make Great Yarmouth what it is today. Great Yarmouth was and is a major day trip destination. In 1908 the entire staff of the Bass factory in Burton-upon-Trent visited Great Yarmouth for a day out (19,000 people!). The tradition continues and day-trippers and holiday-makers come to Great Yarmouth still, taking in the sea air and enjoying all the fun and magic that an escape to the seaside can provide.

Taking inspiration from the history of the day trip and observing how it has helped to shape and change the physical and psychological nature of Great Yarmouth, 1 WOW OF A TIME 😮 ! explored how the tourist industry has steered the cultural landscape of Great Yarmouth. For many it is their year-round home, and visitors come and go, providing a source of income and livelihood, and affect the shape and nature of the place. The day-long programme took in some of the architectural highlights that have been created to feed the tourist machine that rolls in and out of the town, as well as revealing structural and procedural aspects of life ‘backstage’, and the everyday roles of the community that make it possible.

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1 WOW OF A TIME 😮 ! was supported by Arts Council England, Norfolk County CouncilGreat Yarmouth Borough Council and Great Yarmouth Preservation Trust.

1 WOW OF A TIME 😮 ! took place the weekend after the opening of the British Art Show 8OUTPOST’s member’s show, and General Studies (Jonathan P Watts and Ryan Gander’s exhibition at Gildengate House).